Once the Court has issued a final Order or Judgment in your case and rulings have been made, it is sometimes clear that the Judicial Officer may have erred and an appeal to the Court of Appeals or Minnesota Supreme Court is appropriate. The purpose of an appeal is to review the trial process for errors and to work to correct the decisions of the District Court. If an Appellate Court determines that the Judge made a legal error or abused his/her discretion in some manner that affected the outcome of the trial, the case may be sent back to the initial court with a request to correct the mistake and may result in an entirely new trial. There are complex procedural rules and requirements for perfecting an appeal to an Appellate Court, and once there you must know the standards of review and the content of the past case law on the legal issues at play. Fortunately, the attorneys at Gapen, Larson & Johnson have experience arguing before the Court of Appeals and can advise you as to when, why, and how your appeal should be brought.