At Gapen, Larson & Johnson, if our attorneys have been hired to represent you, they understand that having decisions made for you by a Judge through litigation is expensive, emotionally burdensome, and often detrimental for the family. When children are involved, the parties to the legal process should retain some amount of trust in one another in order to effectively co-parent their children after the custody and parenting time decisions have been made. If the dispute is over money, it frequently does not make sense to spend significant sums on litigation. Mediation, or other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), are frequently an incredibly effective alternative to litigation. If there is a chance that an agreement can be reached through ADR without litigation, it is worth exploring as the process can be quicker, can be confidential, and both parties can have more control over the outcome. Our attorneys at Gapen, Johnson & Larson are experts at guiding clients to the correct form of ADR, whether it is mediation, Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE), arbitration, a Parenting Consultant, or some other alternative. We will make sure you understand the process before you commit to it, and that you walk in to the process comfortable and prepared to negotiate in an educated manner. Since our attorneys have all been trained as mediators, and we understand the process from all sides.

At Gapen, Larson & Johnson, our attorneys can be hired as a mediator, arbitrator, Parenting Consultant, Evaluator for an ENE, or other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Neutrals.